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Renewable Energy Solutions

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Offices, factories, office campuses, and SEZ’s rely on our expertise and services to implement energy-savings measures, manage energy supply and demand, set-up renewable power sources, and establish green campuses.

Energy Efficiency

We provide complete range of services:
  • Energy audits through detailed data collection
  • Rigorous analysis and modeling
  • Reporting and recommendations for effective decision making

Technical Services

Engagement Model

Why Energy Efficiency?

·         Right size equipment and infrastructure

·         Flexibility to make changes

·         Vary consumption with load/ requirement



·         Reduce Capex

·         Lower energy/ utility costs

·         Drive further efficiencies through savings


·         Message employees and customers on

company values through real implementation

·         Sustainable business operations


Your Company’s Green Journey


Remote Energy Management

Remotely monitor, control and manage energy sources and usage, with NanoSoft Remote
  • Monitor and control energy usage

  • Monitor and control energy sources/supply

  • Dynamically manage supply and demand

  • Manage valuable resources

Renewable Energy

  • We design and optimize the renewable energy mix to meet the electricity requirement – solar, wind, bio, hydro, or a hybrid combination.

  • We oversee the implementation of the renewable energy solutions, prepare reports, processes, and templates for operations

  • We provide training and continued support for the project.

Green Campus

  • We design and implement green, sustainable solutions for your campus that encompasses all aspects of campus operations –
    • renewable energy,
    • energy conservation,
    • water and waste management,
    • waste-to-energy conversion,
    • sustainable transportation,
    • greenery on campus

  • We design and implement programs to actively involve your management and staff on environment, climate change, renewable energy, sustainable development and sustainable living.