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Renewable Energy Solutions
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Green Campus

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Renewable Energy Solutions

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Academic, research, government and developmental institutes tap into our expertise and knowledge-base to gain insights into the clean technology sector, establish green campus, and develop capacity of their management, staff, students, etc.

Green Campus and Living Laboratory

  • In Collaboration with NIST (our first Green Campus and Living Laboratory), we design and implement green, sustainable solutions for your campus that encompasses all aspects of campus operations –
    • renewable energy,
    • energy conservation,
    • water and waste management,
    • waste-to-energy conversion,
    • sustainable transportation,
    • greenery on campus

  • We design and implement programs to actively involve your management, faculty and staff on environment, climate change, renewable energy, sustainable development and sustainable living.
  • We facilitate development of undergraduate/graduate degrees, diplomas and certificate courses focused on renewable energy and delivered through a living laboratory.

Market Research & Analytics

  • You will get in-depth market research for your green product and sector-specific research. We also provide comprehensive research on global best practices.

  • Your market research is augmented by cost-benefit, economic modeling and financial analysis We provide feasibility study for new projects, concepts, technologies and emerging sectors in clean energy.

  • We also provide policy guidance on renewables, energy efficiency, smart grid, and sustainable development.

Remote Energy Management

Remotely monitor, control and manage energy sources and usage, with NanoSoft Remote
  • Monitor and control energy usage

  • Monitor and control energy sources/supply

  • Dynamically manage supply and demand

  • Manage valuable resources

  • Manage Green Campus Solutions

Technology Research

  • You will get in-depth analysis of state-of-the-art in clean technology developments for your research programs, and a perspective for applications of your research from professionals with experiences on the ground.

  • Our areas of expertise include solar energy, bioenergy, energy efficiency, smart grid, and sustainable development.

  • We also conduct research and development work in collaboration with our academic partner NIST in Brahampur, Odisha.

Capacity Building

  • We facilitate as well as conduct workshops and training on clean technologies for academia, industry, institutions and government officials.

  • We mentor and guide academic, research and developmental institutions and government bodies on clean technologies R&D and applications.

  • Our training and capacity building activities are conducted by practicing professionals, who bring you real-life experiences to enhance your learning.