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Renewable Energy Solutions

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    Our rural solutions are centred around the nexus of energy, education and employment for socio-economic development of the villages where 43% of the population does not have access to electricity
  • Our patented flagship solution, NanoPower, is the vehicle to achieve this goal, which not only encompasses solutions for electricity and cooking, but also business models and capacity building to develop skilled workforce.

Renewable Energy Solutions
  • Our flagship solution, NanoPower, provides integrated electricity solutions for homes, farmers, and micro-enterprises.
  • It generates power, NanoGen, with locally available hybrid renewable energy resources and distributes over local infrastructure, NanoGreenGrid, for local energy efficienct consumption, NanoAppliance.
  • NanoPower performs demand-supply management and micro- grid operations through our state-of-the-art monitoring, control and management system, NanoSoft Remote..
  • It manages customer and stakeholder relationships over mobile devices, NanoMobile.
  • It implements innovative business models for scalable and sustainable development through NanoBiz.
  • It builds local capacity to operate, maintain and monitor electricity generation and distribution through NanoSkill.
  • It leverages research, development and testing of solutions at a Living Laboratory within an academic institution.
  • NanoPower strives to achieve Dr. Kalam’s vision of PURA in every village we implement the solution.

Business Models

  • Our patented NanoPower solutions work on various business models that are adapted to meet the local requirements.

  • Our business models and technical solutions are modular and scalable.

  • In our model, our clients and partners are never alone – we support them through the life of the project to make sure their vision of village electrification has long-term impact.

Remote Operations & Management

Our patented NanoSoft Remote is a comprehensive solution to manage power generation and consumption in a NanoPower electrified village
  • Monitor and control renewable hybrid power generation
  • Monitor and control power usage by consumers
  • Manage demand to meet limited supply of power
  • Manage user-controlled demand and power schedule
  • Manage customer relations such as billing, collection, complaints and resolutions
  • Monitor and maintain consumer appliances
  • Train personnel on operations and maintenance
  • Deliver value-added services to the village customers
Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship

  • Our NanoSkill solutions provide education and training to the youth, men and women to make them employment ready.

  • We train villagers to take up entrepreneurship in energy services and other vocations powered by electricity.

  • In partnership with NIST, we adopt a two-pronged approach to train youth at both engineering and technician levels to provide the enterprises with skilled manpower for rural energy solutions.